Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kids Crack me up!

Apparently my kids are fans of John McCain because when they woke up this morning and wanted to know who won the election and I told them Obama, Parker started to cry a little bit and Preston threw his hands in the air and said "Well there go the taxes!" It was so funny. I had to bite my lip to keep me from laughing. And then we had a long talk about how he will probably be a good president and that we should support him because he is going to be our president. It is funny the things they pick up on. It also reminded me of my friend Erika and I arguing between Ducacus and Bush way back when we were in elementary school. Do you remember that Erika?


  1. That story cracks me up!!! Oh, and who were you for way back when, Ducacus or Bush? :)

  2. That is SOOOO funny, becuase it was the same type of scenario around our house. Only, we were divided. They did a mock election at my kids school and they had each voted for one of the candidates. So, Austin was disappointed and Brooke was excited that she had voted for the winner!

  3. I totally remember...what about our signs we'd flash each other in that 5th grade class when the teacher wasn't looking (Mrs. Walker right?). OH, and Shauna, Melanie was on the Ducacus side...she's now joined the right (literally) side! I love your boys reactions. I wouldn't have been so PC as you...I would have been complaining with them. Smart move not to laugh though I'm sure it was REALLY hard.


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