Friday, May 8, 2009

April Recap

WOW! April was busy! We started off celebrating Preston's 9th birthday and Ryan's 31st. Preston was thrilled to get a .22 for his birthday! He was also excited about bringing in his April fools/birthday treat to school. We made fake sushi out of yummy treats. He had a lot of fun tricking his class. Preston had a science birthday and we made him a cake that looked like a beaker. Parker wanted the same cake because he loved it so much!

Easter was a great time! I really love Easter and its reason. The boys had fun coloring Easter eggs, they didn't even spill the dye this year, Ryan on the other hand did! They both got very creative dying eggs. On Easter we all went to sacrament meeting and came home to have Easter Dinner. We had a FULL house. My Parents came and my sisters Shauna and Missy and their family's came and Missy's Brother in law and family came. It was cold but the kids still all had fun with an Easter egg hunt!

We gave my Dad his birthday gift on Easter as well. Ryan made a frame for the picture we got him. The painting is from an artist that lived in the Rye area for a while and painted an awesome picture of my grandma "Mom"s house called "Warm Welcome".

Next came Parker's Birthday. His party was a few days before his real birthday and since it was cold outside we had to move the party indoors! It was insane! Parker loved his science cake! Gabriela was with us that weekend and did all of the decorating! She is such a sweet kid!

Parker with his new birthday bike!

We took milk and donuts to Parker's class for his treat! He would have been happy if we would have just brought the milk!



We had so much fun with the Pine Wood Derby this year! Preston won 1st place in the scout category and Parker won 1st in the open class category! They were so excited since last year their cars barely made it down the track!

Mom's Car

Parker's Car

Preston's Car

Ryan's Car

I was able to go on two field trips with the boys in April! I forgot my camera for Preston's sorry!

I went to the Denver Zoo with Parker's class, it was a great day.

Last weekend we had Gabriela up for a visit and we took Preston to shoot his .22 for the first time. We all had a ton of fun!

While Gabriela was here she bought the boys each a fish. Parker's died yesterday and he was so sad! He made a little head stone that says The fish Koy and buried his fish and put a flower on the grave. Poor kid!

Sad Boy!!