Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well I am glad that my talk is past, but also feel blessed that I had to give a talk last Sunday. I got to church and guess what? The whole first half of my talk was missing. And if you know me you know that I am not good at just winging it! Well I did wing a bit of it and I hope that it went well. I tried not to cry but guess what? I did! Oh well!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Well it has been a while since we last posted so we will catch you up. life is back to normal a bit now and things have slowed down some. We are back in the swing of things as far as school and work go. We have been working really hard on the house in hopes that it will sell so we can live closer to Ryan's work. It is an all day job to keep the house in show shape every day! So if you know anyone looking for a house in Greeley let them know about our home! We really havn't done anything to exciting since the holidays just the norm....so here are a few pics of random stuff for you to enjoy!

Opening Christmas pjs.

Grandma reading The Night Before Christmas.

The Nativity

Grandma and some of the grandkids.

Visit to Santa. (Preston thinks he is way to big!)

Uncle Ryan teaching Carley how to play video games!

Big sister Olivia looking at her new baby brother Ty!

Video Games with cousins!

Making cookies and a christmas train with cousins.

Preston holding baby Ty.

Parker holding baby Ty.

Opening some gifts early!

Our Christmas tree decorated mostly by Preston and Parker.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thaksgiving, Christmas and New Years

Well its been a while since we updated. Thanksgiving was great, we were able to spend it with my twin sister and her in laws ( who feel much more like family to me than my sisters in laws) it was great and yummy and fun! The day after Thanksgiving we flew out to Florida for our 10 day vacation. We spent 7 days at Disney World and thanks to Ryan we saw everything and some things twice! We were lucky enough for Ryan's Dad and his brother Andy to spend a few days at Disney with us. We were also down there with all of my family except for Missy and Eric and Carley. Missy was due with baby Ty and couldn't make it. We had fun sharing a condo with Stacy, Kurt and Amy. It was so much fun getting to know Amy and plying with her and fixing her first pig tail! I miss her so so much! We had fun watching the other nieces faces when they would ride rides or see something exciting and it was fun to watch my parents have fun as well. The trip was not without its bumpbs though. Some people got stomach flu and bad colds but we survived. After Disney World we drove to Kennedy Space center and toured the facilities. It was amazing but not worth the $52 it cost to get in.
We returned home Dec 8th and 10 days later Baby Ty was born. My awesome sister let me be there for the birth and to every ones surprise she needed a C- section and the Dr. let me go in with her husband and watch. It was not how I expected to see Ty be born but was very exciting none the less. I came home for a few days and then we all packed up and headed to Missy's house to help her with the girls and the house. We stayed until Christmas and had a great time. For Christmas my Mom and Dad and Shauna and Chauncy and their girls also came down. We had a great Christmas eve and the kinda acted out the Nativity while Eric read the Christmas Story and the kids opened up their Christmas P.Js. The next morning everyone woke up to Preston and Parker chanting "We got a Wii". We opened presents and played and played. One of the boys favorite thing of the day was when Daddy and Eric pulled them behind the 4 wheelers on their new sleds. We ate a yummy dinner of Prime Rib roast (Thanks Dad) and all the stuff that goes with it and them yummy home made pies (Thanks Mom). We came home the day after Christmas and rested and cleaned the house. On the 29th we went back down to Missy's house to get her girls to stay with us for a few days. We are not equipped for girls at our house.....they both asked about 500 times where the dolls were! We took them swimming and had a great time. We took them home on Wed and picked up Gabriela the same day. She spent New Years with us and we had a lot of fun playing a Wii tournament and spending New Years Eve with our awesome neighbors! We also had a fun time playing a grocery store game! Well that's about it! Thanks to everyone for the awesome Christmas Gifts!