Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer Camping & Fishing Trip.

Fishing in the mountains:

Headin' down the road to go find a nice stream to fish.

Before we get too far along, nature called.

Parker let's it all hang out.

We're heading to the stream to go fishin'.

Preston is quite the fisherman. He loves to catch fish, but he's patient through the slow times too.

Parker loves fishing! He loves the outdoors and loves to hike these streams.

Daddy loves the beautiful scenery when we hike these little mountain streams. It's fun to catch fish but even more fun to soak up our surroundings.

Mom! Dad! Look! I got another one!

This is a great little fishing hole. Look Mom, we got another one. Is it a keeper Dad?

Look everybody, I got one!

Oops, I dropped it. I'll get it. It's floppin' around here in the grass.

It's dirty but I got it. Slippery little sucker!

We had to pick up the pace a bit after that afternoon downpour. The boys are drenched from head to toe.

This mountain stream has a few spots with tricky terrain, but for the most part, it's a nice little hike.

Another little obstacle but nothing our boys can't handle. They were born for this sort of thing.

Another fish in hand. Preston just can't stop catching them. This one looks like a keeper.

They found a great little fishing hole here. Parker got another one! Every fish Parker catches he thinks it's a keeper. He only catches big ones!

The boys love it out here!

Preston sits on a rock relaxing in the sun while he fishes.

Daddy & the boys found a cave up in the side of this canyon wall. They had to climb up to explore it.

Parker's ready to eat them all right now.

Melanie & Granddad Howie cross on a fallen log.

Shooting our guns:

Daddy shootin' his .300 Win Mag!

Momma shootin' her .270! She's pretty handy with her rifle.

Preston & Parker want a turn shooting but they opt for the .22 rather than the bigger guns.

Momma works with the Preston to setup the .22 while Parker checks out the target down range.

Daddy gives him a quick lesson in safety.

He's still just a bit small for this gun, but he get's it under control.

Preston looks to see how he did while Parker gets set up for his shot.

Parker's ready, just pull the trigger.

Parker's big shot.

The boys eye the targets to determine their accuracy.

At the cabin & around the campfire:

Granddad Howie watches as Parker throws sticks into the fire.

Preston tries to warm up.

Melanie relaxes by the fire.

Ryan warms up by the fire swapping stories with the family.

The campfire is mesmerizing.

The boys are out almost instantly after the long day.

All the Wild things we saw:

A big buck, hiding in the trees.

A little buck not hiding at all.

A few wild turkeys meandering through the field.

A little black bear hiding in the trees.

Black bear footage!

Memorable Images:

Melanie likes to take pictures of the beauty around us. Here are a few she took on our fishing trip.