Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break and Snow Day!

Enjoying the Parade

Watching the Nuggets.

On the court!
Ryan was the excited kid at this event!

Stretching for the game!

Waiting to be put in!

Pre game stretching!

Ryan being crazy and Preston is trying hard to ignor him!

In the tunnell after the game!

Whew we pulled out a win!

Sleeping at the Pepsi Center

Early morning!



sideways! yay!

Neice Chloe being suprised by the bear!

Ye Haw!

riding bikes!

Are we there! Yep!

Look at all thoes belt loops!
Great job Preston!

Proud boy at the blue and gold dinner!

getting awards! who knew I would ever be a cub scout leader!

The Blizzard!
We had school by the way!

The day after! Snow Day!
I love Colorado!

We got 12" of snow

Snow Angles

Our dog is burried in the snow

Ryans truck after traveling for 3 hours in a blizzard!

This seems to be the busiest time of year for our family for some reason! Maybe its because everyones birthdays fall with in 40 days! Whew not to count Easter and extended family birthdays. So we have been busy! I'll start with Spring Break. Our spring break was last week and it was busy! We started off by going to a Laser Tag birthday party on Friday, the boys had a great time! The nest day we went to Ft. Collins and met my sister Shauna and her family for some fun at the St. Patrick's day parade. We had a great spot near the beginning of the parade and all the kids got tons of stuff. We all had fun screaming for beads! After the parade the boys and I went looking at bike shops for fun. (Ryan was sick that morning) we found one that was having a special customer appreciation picnic and enjoyed smoked brisket sandwiches and chips for lunch. We got home and began to pack for our Overnight at the Pepsi Center after a Denver Nuggets game. This was a program though Cub Scouts. For $17 each we got to go to a game, got free hot dog and soda, then we got to go shoot hoops with the same balls the nuggets warm up with on the court, they gave everyone a head band. Then we went up to the club level and laid our stuff out for the sleep over. I was lucky enough to get a couch to sleep on. They fed us a snack and then turned on Horton Hears a Who on the jumbo tron. We ate snack and had a great time. I think the boys enjoyed going around the whole stadium and trying every seat! We tried to sleep but the lights never go off so it was bright and the cleaning crew in the stadium was loud. In the morning we got up and passed on the juice and bagels and went to Gunther Tuttys for breakfast. We will defiantly be doing that again!
The next couple of days we spent at home playing and having fun. Then on Wednesday we went down to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (It was a free day!) We meet my sister Shauna and her family down there and explored the whole thing from top to bottom. It was a great time. We left there and spent the night at my sister Missy's house and made pizza. In the morning we left to go see Grandma and Grandad. We meet my Mom in Pueblo after I tended to some vending machines. We went glow miniature golfing and then met my Dad and went to see a movie. After the movie we got pizza and ate it at Gammys and hung out for a while. On Sat. we went to Boyd lake in Loveland. We rode our bikes and fished for a while but the most fun was geocaching. We all had a great time finding the prizes. We were all worn out by the end of the day!
Now to the blizzard. Yesterday it snowed 12". And I couldn't be more happy! Today is a snow Day!
Enjoy the pics!
Keep going down to view some videos! Who knows why they are so far down!