Saturday, May 24, 2008

Launching Preston's Rocket!

The boys at the park getting ready for launch.

They find a nice spot to setup.

It just needs a few final things before we're go for launch.

Parker watches as Preston connects the wires to the rocket!

Just about ready!

Preston & Daddy get ready to push the launch buttons!

Launch Attempt # 1

Launch Attempt # 2

Preston shows off his succesful rocket!

Parker's 1st Baseball Game!

Out at the ball field to watch Parker play his first game.

Just arrived at the ball field and ready to go!

Organizing the dugout can be a challenge with 12 rowdy six year olds.

Parker's field assignment: 1st base. He was a bit nervous about it.

Ready for his first at bat. He's got a few butterflies.

Gettin' loose before his walk to the plate.

That's strike one.
He connected for a base hit on the next pitch.

On first and waiting to run.

Made it to Second. Ready to run.

Out at third, that's no fun.

On the bench after being thrown out at third. Smiling but not liking it.

When he first got on base, Parker had no urgency and almost jogged from base to base. Seeing his disappointment with getting out, Daddy explained it was more like a race when you run around the bases. That changed the outcome of his next on base experience. He's never backed away from a race and he loves to run!

Parker's 2nd at bat, this time he's determined.

After safely running home and scoring his first run, Parker was all smiles!

Parker being interviewed after his incredible base running.

Good Game. Good Game. Good Game.

Great job Parker. 2 for 2 at bat with 1 run scored.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Our Mothers Day Weekend '08

Look at this mornings haul.
After a break for lunch we got right back to the action!

Not a bad haul for our first morning.

You should have seen the one that got away!

Another big one. Can you believe the luck?

Parker loves to catch the big ones. He had the biggest of the whole trip!

The fishing was kind to Melanie on her special day. She couldn't stop catching 'em!

Preston & Parker holding antoher beautiful rainbow.

We stopped and played in the Cache le Poudre river on the way home.

Parker was geared up and ready to go!
Turns out though, he's such a fisherman,
he scooped one up out of the shallows with his bare hands.
Who needs all this fancy equipment?

The scenery was unimaginably beautiful!

The boys climbed on everything. What a blast!

A wonderful mother with her two special boys on Mothers Day.

Our fishing hole guest, this moose grazed in the shrubs while we fished!

Reading the local paper while we head to the next fishing hole. Way to go young Indie!

Just along for the ride and having fun.

Momma had to drive us everywhere. She gets carsick when Daddy drives.

No complaints from Daddy!

The place we stayed had an awesome fort. The boys loved it.

We had so much fun over mothers day weekend. We loaded up the van and headed up to the Roosevelt National forest for our annual mothers day camping trip. We arrived friday night with just enough time to get set up and moved in and then settle down for the night. Saturday was a bit cold and windy, so we stayed in and played games and hung out together. We took advantage of the poor weather and scouted out where we wanted to fish the following day. Our scouting payed off. We had one of the best fishing days ever on Sunday. We all took turns reeling in the big ones. It was great. We went back to the same spot Monday to try to replicate our success but didn't have the same luck. During our long afternoon of fishing we had a moose show up and graze in the bushes near us for a few hours. The boys eventually tired of fishing and started playing with a toy boat that we tied to a fishing line for them. That kept them busy for hours. It was a great trip. It was tough to pack up and head home on Monday evening. We took a long scenic drive through the mountains on our way home stopping a few times to play in the river and goof around. What a memorable weekend!