Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentines Day!

Well things have been busy for us since we last blogged! Both boys have been sick with a virus that is like stomach flu but can last up to 3 weeks YUCK! Ryan and I also been sick with bad colds. We are better now. For Valentines day I went to the school and took turns going to the boys class partys. Parker was a little embarresed to be getting valentines from girls. Prestons class had fun making coffee filter flowers, he gave them to me! When we got home we made heart shaped pizza for dinner and when Ryan got home he suprised us with valentine goodies. Parker had his last basketball game today and made 4 out of shots, he was so proud! After the game his coach gave him a certificate and a trophy. Here are a few pics from the past little while. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


So Ryan has been having to work up in Aspen all last week and on Thursday he found out that he would have to be up there all weedend and most of next week. So about an hour before it was time to pick the boys up from school on Thursday he called and we decided that we should come up for the weekend. So I packed super fast and picked the boys up from school and we headed up the mountain. All was going well until a HUGE boulder fell off of the mountain right in front of me. It crashed and split into a million pieces and the car in the lane next to us but behind us hit a huge chunck. While driving up I kept noticing the falling rock signs and even thought to myself that it was wierd that I was noticing them. Right before it happened I heard someone say watch out! If I didn't tap on my brake right then the boulder would have landed right on top of us probably killing me and the boys. I am so thankful for the prompting to be able to tap on my brake and miss the boulder. Oh did I mention that it was dark!

Well the boys and I have had fun visitng Ryan up here. It has been very snowy the whole time but beautiful. We have been staying in Glenwood Springs about an hour south of Aspen. We drove up to Aspen yesterday and saw a huge heard of elk on the way there. Ryan got to point out what they were working on and he told us about what he was doing. He is working right by the slopes. It was fun to watch people coming down the mountain. We were supposed to go home about an hour ago but the weather is to bad for me to feel comfortable driving so we will try to go in the morning. It is supposed to get 3 feet of snow between today and tomorrow night! Hopefully we will make it home safe.