Sunday, February 8, 2009


Making "Cup Cakes" Parkers Puppy Valentine Box

Amy and Grandad


Self pic!

Playing in the snow.

Well the past 2 weeks have been busy. We had a baby blessing, school projects, multiple Doctor appointments, house painting and more. My sister Melissa (twin) and her family blessed their new baby Ty on Feb 1st. We had a lot of fun visiting family and hanging out. My sister Stacy and her family came from Utah for the blessing so we all decided to go bowling the night before. The girls had a lane the boys had a lane and the kids had a lane. It was just a ton of fun. We convinced the little girls that if they danced while the ball was SLOWLY rolling down it would knock down more pins. They had great moves. Preston and Parker took it serious and really tried to beat each other. They had so much fun, but the best part of the night besides just hanging out was when my Mom threw the ball behind her. Her face was the best! The nest day was the blessing. Eric did a great job. Then we watch the Super Bowl with Eric's brother and sister and their families. She has great brother and sister in laws they feel like they are related to me. My kids think that they are related.

Preston and Parker have both been working hard on their PLP (personal learning projects). The school they go to are very big on learning being a responsibility of each student so they give them a PLP or 2 the older you get each trimester. They love to get a chance to really study something that they are interested in. They work on their project all trimester and then present what they learned and all the work they did. Preston chose to compare Colorado to Michigan and to be able to do 20 math facts in 1 min. He has been working hard and we are glad to say he is ready for his presentation on Wed. Parker chose to do his on the solar system and learn fact about each planet. In 1st grade they are not as big but the kids work just as hard. They are both really good at finding books with the info they need and finding info on the computer (with Moms supervision). Parker also had to make a valentine box for school. He has been worried about making a good one because some kids really go all out on it. He came up with a great idea to make it look like a dog was holding his box. He did most of the work himself and had Mom help him draw the dog and cut some of the hard parts out. It turned out so cute. He wanted it to sleep with him!

Preston and Parker have also had Dr. appointments. They both went to the dentist and then Parker had a wart on the bottom of his foot frozen. He screamed at the top of his lungs and the Dr. felt so bad that he opened the bottle of liquid nitrogen and showed them some cool tricks.

I have been painting every room in the house in hopes that it will help sell it. I will post pics of it later. Ryan is so busy with work and we feel so blessed that business is going ok. We pray that we are making the right choices and that things will continue to go well.

We also had fun making some "Cup Cakes" . We got the recipe from my friends blog, it was fun and yummy!

Well that's about all I can think of for now. Enjoy the pics.