Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer Recap!

I didn't do a very good job this summer of updating what we did so here it goes.

Right after school got out we left to go on a little trip to Utah to attend my sister Amanda and her Husband Anthony's sealing. We stayed at my sister Stacy's house and had a lot of fun with everyone. We went to a copper mine, we visited This is the place monument, we toured the conference center, we went to Temple square, and had a lot of fun and the many picnics with the family. We even enjoyed our ride to and from Utah playing fun game and trying to find all 50 stated license plates...we came close but missed a few.

A few days after we got home Preston had cub scout day camp and since I am the leader Ryan and I got to go with him. Parker had a great time spending the night with Aunt Shauna and Uncle Chauncy and their girls. Preston got to do a lot of fun thing at camp. He made ice cream, played with sling shots and paint balls, played with a cool water rocket (so cool we came home and made one), shot arrows, carved soap, made a picture frame, painted his face like an Indian, and much more! It was a fun time!

On the 13, 14, and 15th of June Preston and Parker spent some special time with Grandma and Grandad. They took them camping up to Red Feather Lakes. They had so much fun and just love to be with Grandma and Grandad!

The very next weekend we went camping up at Turkey Track for Fathers Day with my sister Missy and her family and my parents. It was a good time but a bit rainy, we always love camping!

We also spent A LOT of time at Parker's baseball games and the batting cages. Parker was a Hurricane this year and did very well His team sticks together and they have an amazing group of coaches. Preston is Parker's biggest fan and cheers him on the whole game! He is going to try to play next year. Who knew that Ryan would have boys that like baseball!

For the Fourth of July we went camping again with my family. There were 53 of us up there and that was not even half of everybody! We went to the Fire works at a lake in a small town near by and had so much fun! We rode 4 wheelers, took, walks and went on some bike rides. Always fun!

We got passes for Elitch Gardens a local amusement park in Denver (like a six flags) the boys and I made it a mission to go every week so we would get our money worth and we did! Parker went on a big coaster for the first time and Preston went on one with a loop (He said he would never do it again!) We had so mu fun playing in the water and riding rides!

Our Wednesday morning were usually spent at the Summer movies for a dollar! We always found fun friend to hang out with there!

We got to have a cousin come and stay with us for a week and they had soooooooo much fun!

The week before school started we had family from Texas come visit! We got to see Emily and her kids and Angela and her family stayed with us for a few days. We had so much fun. We went to Emilys hotel and went swimming and had lunch with them. And when Angela and her family came up we went up the Pouder canyon and played in the river for a while then went up to Red Feather lakes to go fishing and cook out. The fishing turned into catchin crawdads! Everyone had so much fun. The next day we spent enjoying the beauty of Rocky National Mountain Park. And we even had time for some girl shopping! It was so much fun to have visitors.

After they left the school rush was on! And here we are back in School! My camera is being crazy so I will post pics later!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School

Back to School! Preston is a big bad 4th grader this year and Perker is an awesome 2nd grader! What great kids I have! Good Luck Boys!

My boys are off to school. I have been dreading this day for a while. We have had so much fun together this summer and I will miss having my boys and their sweet little hugs and fun games we played during the day.