Monday, September 29, 2008

My Boys

There are defiantly no dolls or barbies at my house! Growing up I never imagined having sons or even what it would be like but I wouldn't change it for the world. Last weekend we borrowed some four wheelers from my sister and her in laws and took the boys on a long ride on some really fun trails. Along the way I was thinking that I never would have dreamed of this being my life and how much I love my boys (Ryan included). So I am copying my sister Stacy a bit and I am going to tell you some reasons I love my Boys.


- He is willing to get up at 4:30 am and drive 80 miles each way to provide for his family.
- He supports me in my activities
- He will let me tease and tease him
-He warms me up when I am cold
- I love watching him play with Preston and Parker
- He has a tender way about him (most of the time)
- He suprises me
- I love the way he hugs me every morning
- He has stuck by me for almost 11 years now
These are just a few


He loves to help me cook
He is tender hearted
He cares about other people
I love to watch him teach Parker new things.
He is a great singer and will sing his heart out with me
He is a warm cuddler ( minus his feet and hands that scratch when he is asleep)
He loves the mountains and would never leave if he didn't have to
I can always count on a nice back or shoulder rub when I need one.
He is thoughtful and understanding
He loves to recite movie lines with his Dad and brother.
He has a great since of humor
I love his cute smile
his cute little ears
These are just the tip of the ice burg


He is a goof ball
He is a #1 cuddler
The way he says things
He is willing to try just about anything
I love the way he idolizes Preston
He will do just about anything Preston will do
He LOVES milk\
His blond curls and blue eyes
His love of puppies
He is so kind
I love his little nose
I love to hear him try to tell a story
I love his clammy hands
Again just the beginning