Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentines Day!

Well things have been busy for us since we last blogged! Both boys have been sick with a virus that is like stomach flu but can last up to 3 weeks YUCK! Ryan and I also been sick with bad colds. We are better now. For Valentines day I went to the school and took turns going to the boys class partys. Parker was a little embarresed to be getting valentines from girls. Prestons class had fun making coffee filter flowers, he gave them to me! When we got home we made heart shaped pizza for dinner and when Ryan got home he suprised us with valentine goodies. Parker had his last basketball game today and made 4 out of shots, he was so proud! After the game his coach gave him a certificate and a trophy. Here are a few pics from the past little while. Enjoy!

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