Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am back!

I havn't been blogging because our computer has been so we have more RAM and its much I am back!
First I want everybody t know that Parker is doing awesome in school this year. He is a top reader in his class and does awesome at everything else. He has a soft kind heart and always watches out for others. We love you Parker and are so proud of you.
As for the catch up.........enjoy the pictures.

Drying his paint job on his derby car.

Working on pine wood derby cars

Birthday boys

Preston's # 10 cake

He guessed every gift right!

Opening Birthday gifts...........I can't believe he is 10

Star Student

Dying Eggs

Dad even dyed a few
A day at the park

nice catch Ryan

Helping Grandma make deviled eggs! Preston loves to cook
Mom's garden that is!

Preston's birthday sleep over
div> Parker was Juliet in a play! Cute hair........Mom had a little fun fixing it!

Preston was in a Battle of the Books competition and Mom was the coach. He and hos team read 15 books and competed by answering questions about the books. We read and practiced for months. Our team name "The Brainiac Worms"

Watching the race

Dad at the race

Parker got first and Preston got 3rd! Wooohoooo

Smith Family Cars. We worked very hard on our cars.

Preston's awesome bacon car "Pigs Do FLY"

Parker's pine wood derby car "Skittles"

Melanie's pine wood derby car "Her She"

Zoo day with cousins

Parker's class had pony tail and mohawk day so Parker came up with the "Ponyhawk"

Parker's number 8 dirt bike track cake......just what he ordered!

Parker's 8th Birthday

Playing with his new Castle

Cool bridge we found

Jumping down the stairs at Red Rocks

On the stage

Parker at his concert

Hiking at Red Rocks

The boys before their school music concert

Preston at his school concert

Parker's first sleep over for hid birthday

Ryan decided to climb to the top of Missy and Eric's Windmill

Parker and Olivia shooting BB guns!

Static Hair!

Finally lost his tooth!

The awesome Mother's Day card the boys made me! My favorite kind of card to get.


  1. awww, so fun to watch your amazing family grow!

  2. Parker looks so different from when I last saw him. Love the photo catch up. I didn't know you were a cub scout leader...I love your car.


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