Thursday, January 24, 2008


About a week ago Parker did his first PLP (Personal Learning Project) at school. Each student has two big goals to accomplish during each trimester, and they have about 2 months to complete the projects. Parker chose to do his on dirt bikes and make a poster about it. So during Christmas break we went to a dirt bike shop and learned all about them and then he came home and made a poster about what he learned. He got to do a presentation on what he learned to the class about a week ago, he was so so nervous that he forgot what to say. I was so proud to see him standing up there though. Preston is studying geography right now so he chose to do his PLP on china. He is making a power point about it, he also chose to learn more about fireworks and will make a book about them. His project is not due until late Feb.

On Tuesday we got to go see John and Angela's family at the airport for a few hours. The boys were excited to see their cousins from Texas. It was the first time we got to meet their youngest son. He is such a cute and happy baby. Even though it was a very short visit it was a great time! The boys thought we could just go to the airport and see them anytime and wondered why we don't do that more!

Preston had his Winter concert today. He looked so handsome! He did a great job. Sorry about the sideways pic. Now you can see his haircut!

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