Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Well the Smith family has been busy! School get out for the boys on May 24th and they are very excited abut that! They have been busy with field days and with piano lessons and friends. Ryan continues to be busy with his work and Melanie with the boys and her quilting. We were able to go camping over mothers day weekend in the Rosevelt National Forrest. It was a great time, we fished and fished. We probably caught 50 fish in all! We camped in out tent and had a great time. We are in the process of remodeling a bathroom and finally have a floor! Melanie is working on raising money for the Avon Walk on June 23rd and 24th, she will be walking with her Mom and sister Missy.


  1. Yeah!!! I'm so glad you guys updated your blog!

  2. I love the pictures! It looks like they had a good time camping and fishing!

  3. I love the pics, especially the one where Parker has one pant leg up and the other down! How cute!


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